Keep reading for your opportunity to download a free resource on the 3 principles that allow groups to solve their biggest problems faster, more naturally and effectively than ever before!

As humans, we possess an innate hunger for success, which is often fueled (at different levels) by our competitive drive. At times, we all may experience a desire to be better, faster, stronger. Just as humans feel this drive, it can be collectively very similar within organizations. Constant pressure to deliver results and achieve success fuels the competitive nature of most businesses in order to survive and thrive. So, how can an organization perform better, faster and stronger?

At Insight Solutions, we use the LEAF approach to facilitation, which simply put, helps organizations perform at their best and deliver better outcomes, faster.

The LEAF approach was created by Jon Berghoff of the Flourishing Leadership Institute (FLI) in response to the calling for a new style of management and leadership training. Jon and his team at FLI have worked with U.S. Navy, United Nations, Facebook, BMW, TEDx, and many other leading organizations, to rapidly solve problems or create shared strategies, by tapping into collective intelligence.

A Whole System, Strength Based Planning Approach is just one of the powerful tools available to apply through the LEAF approach, which FLI recently used to generate community based plans and outcomes at the 2018 Sustainable Cleveland event, a 10-year initiative to transform Cleveland into a “green city on a blue lake.”

Through the LEAF training and certification taught by Jon and his team at FLI, they equip leaders, change agents, coaches, facilitators and consultants with the new tools needed to lead successful change initiatives, strategic planning, cultural transformation, leadership development and community building.

A common reaction to the LEAF approach is “this stuff just works!” and that’s because it’s based on and draws from a collection of evidence-based sciences, theories and practices, including: Appreciative Inquiry, Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, Sustainable Value Creation, Emotional Intelligence, Experiential Learning and the “SOAR” method of strategic thinking, planning, leading, and more.

You can learn more about training the leaders in your organization in the LEAF facilitation method by watching the short video below and visiting the Flourishing Leadership Institute’s training web page.

Download a free book chapter by Jon Berghoff (Co-founder of Flourishing Leadership Institute) to learn the 3 Principles which allow groups to solve their biggest problems, capture their biggest opportunities and ultimately shape their future… faster, more naturally and effectively than ever before.


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