How long will organizations be forced to keep their personnel working from home? From conversations with our clients, we have noticed a theme of continuing to restrict unnecessary travel and large in-person gatherings until Q3 of 2021, based on the information currently available. Obviously, things could free up before that, but the current restricted conditions could also be extended, depending on what new developments may emerge in the months ahead. 

For that reason, our recommendation to clients is to plan for digital experiences in the near term (3-6 months) and when planning for larger in-person events six months or more in the future, develop parallel plans for both an in-person and digital experience. That way, you won’t be restricted and caught off guard trying to convert online under pressure at the last minute, if for some reason you find it undesirable or impossible to meet in-person. 

So, what’s the playbook for enabling innovation in a digital world, right now? 

Working with XCHANGE, we’ve developed a playbook to execute a 1-day ONLINE Innovation Summit.

The XCHANGE methodology has been extremely successful in designing and delivering powerful in-person experiences for years. Everything from training workshops to multi-day industry conferences, to entrepreneurial mastermind events and everything in between, XCHANGE has been the answer for how to create high-impact learning environments and build community for many leading organizations, including BMW, Keller Williams, Habitat for Humanity, TEDx and many more. 

We’ve taken everything learned from years of successful in-person events and figured out how to deploy it online to create extraordinary results! Our Online Innovation Summit is the answer to moving in-person events online, enabling online collaboration & innovation and creating resilience across a remote workforce. 

The key to success for online collaboration is combining our Conversational Choreographies with the powerful XCHANGE frameworks, designed specifically to serve teams & organizations or learning communities. 

The one day Online Innovation Summit agenda is broken down into four main sections and can easily be customized to deliver specific outcomes based on the individual needs of your organization and teams. The flow of activities and associated outcomes are intentionally designed to naturally and effectively create the conditions necessary for high performance teams to build trust, psychological safety and unleash creativity. Psychological safety has been found as one of the most important ingredients in high performing teams in the research conducted by Google

Our Four Part Agenda includes: 

  1. Pre-event: Approach this online event like any other in-person event. We create a welcome and check-in process that elevates the digital meeting experience and ensures people are comfortable and prepared to go when the meeting starts. We offer a technology check, orientation and social check-in before the actual meeting starts. 
  2. Morning: The morning starts with several activities that actively engage participants in meaningful conversations with each other to connect around purpose and why this initiative or topic of the meeting is important, not only to them as individuals, but also their teams, the organization and perhaps even the broader community. This invites all voices into the conversation and rapidly creates an environment of psychological safety, what Amy Edmunson, Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at the Harvard Business School, references as one of the most important ingredients for high performing teams. 
  3. Lunch Break: A lunch break is offered for participants to catch up on any other work-related responsibilities and grab some nourishment. There are also options for several mind and body activities that help participants refresh and refuel after a morning of digital interaction. Participants can enjoy a guided yoga session or conversation activity with other colleagues. 
  4. Afternoon: The afternoon session is where we build on the morning’s activities to now truly unleash the power of creativity and innovation within the group. Participants are oriented around the various strategic opportunity areas or topics they will be collaborating on and often will be introduced to some external insight or inspiration before tackling their own organization’s challenges. A well choreographed brainstorming session kicks off the ideation process, followed by group design sprints and ultimately presentations to culminate the innovation session. Participants are then given the opportunity to reflect on their experience and close the day’s event. 

To learn more about how you may bring an Online Innovation Summit to your organization, Contact Us or schedule a Design Studio

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