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What causes a HUMAN SYSTEM to perform at its best?

We invite you to experience a whole new approach!

Insight Solutions helps groups of people solve complex problems, create shared vision, craft strategic plans and work more efficiently together, to tackle opportunities.

We build deep connections through the use of powerfully designed questions, storytelling and experiential facilitation. These deep connections bring out the best in organizations and are the essence of what builds a high performance team.

We take a different approach. Instead of asking “what’s wrong?” or “what’s missing?”, we prefer to view the environment through a positive lens and ask “what’s working” and “what strengths do we have?”. We use this approach to help our clients answer a simple question:

How can they perform at their best?

78% of business leaders rate retention and engagement as “urgent” or “important” and yet:

US annual disengagement related costs
Only 30% of employees are engaged
Employees with lower engagement are 4x more likely to leave
Employee turnover costs 150-300% of annual salary

(sources: The Employee Engagement Group, Gallup Poll)

Our Approach


We design and facilitate conversations that lead to exponential outcomes!

XCHANGE is a radically effective, scientifically based, multi-disciplinary approach for leading and managing teams, organizations and learning communities, both at in-person events (retreats, conferences, summits & workshops), as well as in the online environment.

The XCHANGE approach has been proven to enable a team, community, or organization to come alive – to be at its very best – more naturally, effectively, and faster than ever before.

XCHANGE is called upon by some of the world’s leading organizations to design and lead whole system change initiatives, when the stakes are at their highest.

XCHANGE has been implemented to found and lead some of the most advanced learning communities and conferences, to create highly engaged participants and community stewards.

XCHANGE has completely reinvented how people collaborate together, with a process that invites more voices into the conversation
and delivers results at speed and scale.

Research shows that 75% of change efforts in workplaces fail! 
An independent review found that change efforts using an Appreciative Inquiry approach had a 90% success rate!

Click below to read why our approach is so successful and see the results it has generated for leading organizations. 

HOW we serve our clients

    • Strategic Planning
    • Conferences
    • Strengths Mapping
    • Action Planning
    • High-Impact Learning
    • High-Performance Teams
    • Online Events
    • Innovation Summits
    • Retreats
    • Guiding Principles
    • Community Stewardship
    • Mission, Vision, Values
Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.
- Wayne Dyer

Our Approach

The XChange Experience

The Power of XChange

Our services

In-person and Online



We’ll provide real-time coaching on your event, create clarity on the most important outcomes and then co-create a strategy.

Workshops, Retreats, Masterminds

$8 – $25K
(1-2 days)

Customized design and facilitation to unlock collective wisdom, access group-genius and crowdsource solutions.

Conferences, Summits, Whole System Change

$15 – $125K

Coordination and planning with key stakeholders to design and facilitate a customized event to deliver specified outcomes.

Get Trained in

$4 – $25K
(Online or in-person)

Learn the foundations of the XCHANGE approach and how to bring out the best in any group with our experiential training.

We Serve 3 Types of Clients:

Teams and Organizations

Learning Communities

Meeting and Event Planners

Teams and Organizations,
who need to enable business-critical conversations, connect to a shared mission or vision, align on purpose, solve problems, capture opportunities and shape their future, both online or in-person.

Learning Communities, or those responsible for training and development, who bring people together around a shared interest or topic, in-person or online, to learn from and connect with each other, while building community.

Meeting and Event Planners, who are transitioning in-person events online or need to deliver exceptional experiences and powerful group interactions, for any kind of event, online or in-person.

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About Steve


about Steve BouchardSteve Bouchard is the Founder of Insight Solutions, a firm that serves its clients with the proven, strength-based XChange methodology to facilitate conversations which deliver exponential outcomes. Steve is an XChange Certified Facilitator and a Master Faculty member with the Flourishing Leadership Institute, creators of the XChange method. He has a passion for helping organizations, communities and teams work more efficiently together. Insight Solutions works with clients to construct powerful questions and experiential activities, which are designed to leverage the collective wisdom and best strengths of the group. Experiences can be delivered in the form of retreats, workshops and facilitation engagements.

Steve’s 15 plus years of professional experience include roles with both public and private companies in the areas of Sales, Engineering, Product Marketing & Development, Global Supply Chain, Global Business and Sales Management. Steve has traveled to over 20 countries throughout his career. This diverse experience, coupled with the AI facilitation approach used by Insight Solutions, offers a unique value and different perspective for clients. 

building high performance teams

In 2015, Steve co-founded Cerno, a company focused on developing high performance culture through adventure based, experiential learning programs. This was where Steve first experienced the power of Appreciative Inquiry and the profound effect it could have on organizations, teams and groups of people.

This realization led Steve to pursue formal training and certification in the application of Appreciative Inquiry. Steve is now a LEAF Certified Practitioner, trained in the experiential facilitation techniques of Appreciative Inquiry, developed by Dr. David Cooperrider, at Case Western University.

Insight Solutions is how Steve now serves clients, which allows him to combine his professional experience with the power of Appreciative Inquiry in the form of Workshops, Retreats and Facilitation.

Steve speaks for universities, professional groups and other organizations. He has served in Board and leadership positions for several non-profit associations. In addition to being a certified facilitator, Steve is a trained career coach, holds a BSE in Electrical Engineering and an MBA in Global Business. He is also a LEED Accredited Professional (AP) with in-depth knowledge of Green Building practices. When Steve isn’t helping clients perform at their best, he enjoys running, cycling and spending time in the mountains. Steve lives with his family in the Charlotte, NC area.

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