Where will you find over 500 people coming together to “build a thriving green city on a blue lake?”

The 2018 Sustainable Cleveland Summit, September. 20-21!

“Sustainable Cleveland is a 10-year initiative that engages everyone to work together to design and develop a thriving and resilient Cleveland that leverages its wealth of assets to build economic, social and environmental well-being for all.”

When you think of Cleveland, you may not immediately associate it with sustainability, especially given its history. The Cuyahoga River cuts through Cleveland, connecting with Lake Erie. Much of Cleveland’s industrialization occurred along the river, causing it to be severely polluted after decades of manufacturing. So much so, that the river actually caught fire in 1969 and became the feature of a Time Magazine cover story, describing the river as so polluted, “it oozed rather than flowed.” This drew the nation’s attention to the impact of pollution, as a byproduct of industrialization and manufacturing. Cleveland quickly became a symbol of environmental decay and severe pollution.  

In 2009 the city of Cleveland’s residents and leaders demonstrated a powerful commitment to shed that label and transform Cleveland into a sustainable, thriving city for generations to come. The city’s 10-year commitment to build a thriving and resilient Cleveland is driven by an annual, two-day event, which engages people from all walks of life.

Today, this annual event has taken shape as powerful example of what can be rapidly accomplished, through the use of a large scale Appreciative Inquiry (AI) Summit. Unfolding over two days and facilitated by The Flourishing Leadership Institute using Appreciative Inquiry (AI), the Sustainable Cleveland Summit allows people to work together to rapidly design solutions that support the vision of Cleveland’s sustainable future. You can learn more about Sustainable Cleveland’s mission and vision here: https://www.sustainablecleveland.org/sustainable_cleveland

Insight Solutions is honored to serve on the co-facilitation team for this exciting event. Steve Bouchard will be onsite in Cleveland later this month to assist the Flourishing Leadership Institute in successfully executing another large scale AI summit. Check back here next month for another blog post to debrief on the event experience.  

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