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Purposeful Connecting

Bring “next level” networking to your event! This interactive, high energy program guides your community members through an activity specifically designed to build deep connections and uncover value. Participants are given the opportunity to Reflect on why they’re a member of your community, Connect to uncover insights with others and Share their experiences with the broader group. Both members and the leadership team or hosting organization gain value from this program, which is ideal for Coworking Communities, Professional Associations, Community Groups, Networking Events and Faith Communities.

Innovation Lab

Bring your team together in a “whole system” environment, where all voices matter to drive innovation in the most important parts of your business. Learn from the past, imagine the future and design action plans to deploy new ideas. Participants will move through a high-energy, collaborative process to uncover and amplify their strengths, capture their biggest opportunities and ultimately shape their future… faster, more naturally, and effectively than most would ever imagine possible. Use this workshop to re-imagine what might be possible for your: Customer Experience, Strategic Relationships, Business Processes, Meetings & Conferences, Company Culture and many other opportunity areas.

Strengths-Based Strategic Planning

What if your organization, team, non-profit or community could deepen their purpose, map out core strengths, envision the future, and create actions plans for strategic opportunities… all in one day? Now you can with a powerful, strengths-based approach!

The SOAR approach, created by Jackie Stavros, is a strategic planning framework which focuses on strengths and engages the whole system. SOAR drives innovation and creativity with its ability to uncover what an organization is doing right, when it is operating at its best, what skills could be enhanced and what is driving an organization’s success. An alternative to the traditional “SWOT” analysis, this approach focuses on: Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations and Results.

Learn more about the SOAR approach here:

Healthcare Resilience

Elevate the individual and collective well-being of your caregiver team, while empowering them to deliver high quality patient care. This program may be run as a single day event or as two separate sessions which build on each other. Participants will have the opportunity to connect with their individual sense of purpose and discover their strengths as they relate to well-being at work and at home. Through a creative activity, participants co-create an ideal vision of the future in which their well-being is flourishing. The collective strengths of the healthcare team and organization are used to develop the team values necessary to bring this vision to life, along with a deployment plan.