If you’ve had the opportunity to lead a team or group of people, then I’m guessing you’ve most certainly experienced the challenges of not so great team dynamics. When you’re trying to lead a group of people who just can’t seem to get aligned, completing even the simplest of tasks can seem overwhelming and it has a significant effect on productivity and morale.

But, perhaps you’ve also been fortunate enough to lead a truly great team. The question all leaders should be asking is “what are the ingredients to make a great team?”

Well, great minds think alike, because the researchers at Google asked the same question and it led them to commission a study with the goal of identifying the elements of highly successful teams. The research project was code named Project Aristotle, which was intended to serve as a tribute to the philosopher’s famous quote:

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

The Google researchers identified and studied over 180 teams of various composition and conducted hundreds of interviews with the members of these teams to uncover the common thread among highly productive teams. After deeply analyzing all the data that had been collected, the researchers came to understand (and prove with data) that it was less important who was on the team, but more importantly how the team worked and interacted together.

Psychological Safety was the most important contributing factor identified to create highly functional, productive and efficient teams. But what does that really mean? Essentially, that the team members feel safe when working with each other. That they are comfortable taking risks, being themselves and expressing vulnerability.

How can you create psychological safety in your team working environments? Start by downloading our free resource on three simple strategies to transform your next meeting. The strategies on this document are designed to set a foundation of psychological safety before your next meeting even begins. When you’re ready to take it to the next level, schedule a strategy call to learn more about Insight Solutions workshop and retreat formats and how they help to create deep connections between team members and their organizational mission, vision, values and goals.

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