When was the last time your organization took the time to walk through your business model or internal culture and invest the time to re-imagine what might make it an even more powerful experience… even more magnetic? In a highly complex and rapidly changing business environment, it’s important to pause every so often and evaluate your processes to see what’s working well and could potentially be built upon.  

Insight Solutions recently engaged with a multi-billion dollar, publicly held, medical device manufacturer to do just that, with their whole community, in just one day!

We had the honor of joining our Client’s annual global meeting, which brought together 1,000 members of their global team for three days of learning, planning and future visioning. We led a full-day session for 200 of their service division personnel. Our goal was to focus on two main strategic opportunity areas – re-imagining the future of their customer experience and their internal employee culture.

In true “whole system” fashion, the room was filled with a mix of different participants, including: management team, field service representatives, advisory council member, installers, sales personnel and engineers. A good mix of stakeholders helps to incorporate various points of view and also create an environment of diversity and inclusion.

The event started with a Connection to Purpose activity which helps ground everyone in the importance of the work they were about to embark on, as well as establishes connection to their own personal legacy and the company’s mission, vision and values. Often times, when we have a diverse group of stakeholders present, this activity helps to uncover shared purpose among the different disciplines and also helps people see and understand the different perspectives and points of view held by their colleagues. This was evident in some of the comments participants shared into the room during the activity.

After establishing purpose, followed by a brief introduction of the approach we use, participants were sent into one-on-one interviews with each other. This is always a very powerful exercise, which allows every voice in the room to be heard, a chance to practice deep listening and the opportunity to create meaningful connections with a new colleagues. An added bonus at this event was that the venue space offered access to natural light and outdoor spaces, where some participants enjoyed fresh air and sunlight during their interviews.

Each pair moved through four questions focused on moments of excellence in a customer experience and employee culture, as well as a future vision of what might be possible for each. The conversations were no doubt powerful and meaningful, as many continued into the lunch break.

After returning from lunch there were some very lively “table conversations” where stories from the one-on-one interviews were shared with larger groups and themes were identified. Each table was responsible for capturing one story with the most energy or most potential impact for the room, documenting the story and its major themes. Some of these stories were shared with the whole room during table report outs and every story (over 25!) was captured and documented for future reference by the Client.

The next and perhaps most exciting phase of the engagement was where we tap into the collective wisdom of the group and quickly generate a high volume of ideas. This is accomplished through a process we call “world cafe” style rapid brainstorming.

The group was introduced to eight inspirational “How Might We…?” questions which each challenged them to think creatively about how they may innovate on both their customer experience and employee culture. Participants were invited to select any one of the large display boards positioned around the room’s perimeter and begin to brainstorm ideas one at a time. There were three cycles of brainstorming, so participants were able to contribute ideas to several different questions or opportunity areas.

After generating a significant number of ideas, we like to have our client’s focus in on the critical few that really have potential for significant impact or to “move the needle”. This idea selection is done by those in the room, with the most knowledge of their own business, markets, opportunities, etc. Once a high-impact idea is selected, the teams enter into a Design Sprint where they are given a short amount of time to bring their ideas to life in the form of a creative representation or a high level action plan.

The Design Sprint is always fun, exciting and sometimes even a bit tense. Teams are working against the clock to develop a number of different components necessary to communicate their ideas and the associated launch or implementation plans. This environment is where the most energy is present, especially in the last 10-20% of the time available!

As a finale to the Design Sprint, all eight teams were then invited on stage to present their designs to the whole room. These presentations were captured on video for future reference. The ideas presented were inspiring, creative and certainly challenged the status quo.

The final closing activity asked participants to reflect on the day’s activities, what they learned and what they experienced through the process of working together in this environment. The answers shared with the room were powerful, inspirational and reinforced why we love doing this work so much! Some of the comments included participants sharing around the following themes:

“The opportunity to connect and speak with new people… it was very enlightening to see things from a different perspective, to understand what motivates them, how it may be both similar or  different to me in my role.”


“People letting their guard down today… being authentic, open, genuinely engaged and sharing openly.”


“Seeing the big picture, thinking big and focusing on future oriented ideas. We saw some really great, massive ideas, to work on over the next 3 to 5 years.”


“Some really great ideas were generated that could also be ‘quick wins’ to build momentum.”


“Inspired by the passion, engagement and overall dedication of the personnel in the room to their customers and business, both individually and collectively.”

If you’re interested in the opportunity to re-imagine some aspect of your business or organization, contact us to schedule a discovery call and learn more.

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