These are three of my favorite, easy to digest resources which provide a great introduction to practice of Appreciative Inquiry (AI). At the foundation of AI is the belief that the questions we ask are fateful and in the moment we ask a question, our perspective changes. AI is all about viewing our lives, our days, our work and our world through an “appreciative lens”. AI offers us the opportunity to recognize and appreciate the best of the past and the present, and then imagine what the ideal future would look like, followed by an action plan to create that reality.

Appreciate means “to value” and Inquiry means “the act of exploration and discovery”. 

Could one question uplift and unite humanity? 

The first resource to share is a short (18-min.) video of a TEDx talk given by Jon Berghoff. Jon is a co-founder and managing partner at the Flourishing Leadership Institute (FLI) and has been a teacher of mine throughout my learning journey with AI. Having been to a number of events led by Jon, I can confidently say he is world class at what he does. This is supported by FLI’s client roster, which includes leading organizations around the globe such as Facebook, BMW and many others. FLI helps these organizations implement large scale organizational change through the use of AI Summits. In this video, Jon takes you on a journey which illustrates the power of the questions we ask and what is possible when we choose to view the world through a positive lens.


What if our conversations alone had the power to help people, organizations and communities flourish? 

This newly released book authored by Jacqueline Stavros and Cheri Torres, includes an introduction by David Cooperrider and is an enjoyable read on real world applications and case studies of AI based conversations. I have had the pleasure of spending time with Jackie and her energy on this topic is powerfully contagious. The book illustrates how anyone can easily and quickly implement these practices into their daily lives and immediately enjoy the benefits. Find the book on Amazon here



“The world needs methods for managing and leading that weren’t born over 100 years ago…”

The last resource to share in this post is another short (5-min.) video which provides a peek behind the curtain into a cutting edge program designed to train leaders in the application of Appreciative Inquiry. This training is currently offered on the campus of Case Western Reserve University, with involvement from some of the leading minds in this area of research, including David Cooperrider (credited as the creator of AI), Jackie Stavros, Maureen McKenna and Jon Berghoff. I am proud to have completed my AI certification through this program and to be part of this team, bringing influential work to the so many parts of the world. Enjoy!

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