How will you start the new year? 

As the new year comes upon us once again, we have the opportunity to close the chapter on 2018 and embrace the new challenges and opportunities that 2019 will present. It’s a popular time for “new year’s resolutions” and goal setting. In this post, we’ll share some practical insights and actionable tips you can implement for yourself, your family, your team and organization.

Consider an immersion experience to achieve focus and clarity

I recently attended the “Best Year Ever Blueprint” event in San Diego. This high energy event draws over 500 individuals from all over the world for a long weekend of goal setting, accountability and support to help ensure attendees build momentum and are positioned for their “best year ever” when they leave. The event combines elements of experiential and appreciative facilitation, with powerhouse speakers and loads of valuable insights.

There is a certain power and unique value that comes along with immersion style events like this. They provide us with the opportunity to ‘get away’ from the everyday distractions that often cloud our minds and instead create an environment which supports exponential leaps in productivity and accomplishment.

There is also immense value in surrounding ourselves with like-minded individuals who are focusing on similar objectives. Relationships formed at these types of events can last a lifetime and generate significant value.

If attending a live event isn’t the right fit for you, considering creating your own! Invite friends and family to get together for a few hours with the shared intent of goal setting for the coming year. Put away digital devices and other distractions, which will only introduce unnecessary noise. Follow the process outlined below, which you can do on your own or with a group!

  • Start with why. Ask, why is it important for you to take the time to plan and set goals for the coming year? Why is setting meaningful goals, which create a sense of fulfillment, important for you, for your family & friends, for your community? Take 5-minutes to journal a response to this question in order to connect you with the purpose of the activity.
  • Reflect on stories of success. Next, think of a real life story or example of when you achieved a very meaningful goal over the past 12 to 18-months. What factors were present that helped lead you to a successful outcome? Again, take 5-minutes to journal your answer in as much detail as possible and as you do, make note of the specific factors, elements, insights or strategies that helped you achieve your goal. Highlight them with a bright color.
  • Imagine. Now, imagine falling into a deep sleep and waking up exactly one year from today. As you sit in the room among the same group of people and look around, imagine every area of your life (personal & professional) is thriving and you’re experiencing whole new levels of achievement and fulfillment. Use the insights from your stories of success earlier as inspiration and journal about your future vision. Consider focusing on 3 to 5 areas you feel called toward in your personal and/or professional realm.
  • GOALS! Now you’re ready to capture your goals and create a game plan. You may want to create different sheets for your personal and professional goals. Start with what you want to achieve as an outcome at the end of the year and write it down. Next, determine what you must do on a monthly, weekly and daily basis to achieve that goal and write it down. Most importantly, determine what you can do right now to move towards that goal and do it! As you’re creating your action steps, be sure to reference the elements you highlighted earlier, which helped you succeed in the past and build these same elements into your action plans.

We like “The One Thing” approach to goal setting, which starts with an outcome and then drills down to the specific actions you must take to be successful. This helps create extreme clarity and keep you on track throughout the year.

Now that you have your goals set, how do you help ensure you actually achieve them?

Make goals and commitments visible

If you followed the process outlined above, then you’ve already got a great start!

By envisioning your goals and what you want to achieve in the year ahead, you create powerful connections between your mind and what you’re focused on achieving. Journaling your vision puts pen to paper, which creates an even deeper connection. Your goal sheet should serve as an action plan or road map for what activities you need to focus your energy on to be successful.

Share your goals by making them visible in your home or office. By telling others about your goals, you’ll create accountability and may even consider finding an accountability partner to check in with throughout the year.

Contact us for more information on delivering a Goal Setting Workshop for your organization.

Insight Solutions wishes you all the best for success in the new year!

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