Are you responsible for leading groups of people or a team of any type? Do you host meetings, retreats or workshops of any size?

What if there was a way to tap into the collective intelligence of any human system (i.e. group, team, company, organization, community) more naturally, effectively and faster than ever before?

Well there is… and when top performing organizations like BMW, Facebook, Habitat for Humanity, TEDx and many others need to engage and organize people and resources to capture their biggest opportunities, they turn to the Flourishing Leadership Institute (FLI) for help.

Now you can now learn about the same method FLI uses to deliver massive client value and powerful outcomes, by downloading this free book chapter. You’ll learn the 3 principles that allow groups to solve their biggest problems, capture their biggest opportunities, and ultimately shape their future… faster, more naturally, and effectively than most would ever imagine possible.

FLI is the leading training institute and global provider of high stakes, large group, strategic planning and change initiatives using its proprietary LEAF approach, along with Appreciative Inquiry. FLI has trained over 170 leaders from 16+ countries and has served some of the world’s most influential companies and organizations.

The LEAF approach to facilitation draws from practices backed by decades of research in appreciative inquiry, positive psychology, neuroscience, emotional intelligence and experiential learning.

As a LEAF certified practitioner, part of my professional development responsibility is ongoing learning. This is accomplished through regular event debriefs by FLI and other LEAF practitioners for our community on how they are serving their clients. We share successes, lessons learned and new ways to engage people and deliver value to our clients.

We have a saying within the group: “Don’t design alone!” and when you’re able to get a group of 15 to 20, or sometimes many more, world class facilitators on a video call to debrief an event, amazing things will happen!

Grab your book chapter download today and if what you read resonates, contact me to learn how you can join a 90-min. live webinar for further training on this approach.

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