Executing successful change initiatives can be difficult. 

How can you, as a leader, ensure you successfully achieve the most critical outcomes? 

The Flourishing Leadership Institute, creators of the XChange approach, recently partnered with The Change Lab to conduct research on what elements most consistently contributed to successful change initiatives. You can read a summary of the research findings here, or contact us for a copy of the full report. 

The research uncovered five elements which consistently helped create successful change initiative outcomes, with the added benefit of supporting people’s wellbeing. The five elements are: 

  • A Purpose that is clearly articulated and understood across the organization 
  • Using a Strength-based approach to build on what’s already working well
  • Inclusive and Meaningful Conversations which introduce diversity of perspectives and multiple visions of the future 
  • Self-organized working groups which cater to individual strengths and ensure people’s skills and interests are best aligned with their work
  • Willing Commitment of those in the organization to support the change initiative delivers significantly higher success rates

Insight Solutions leverages all these elements through the use of the XChange approach to design and facilitate our events. We help clients deliver exceptional experiences, which help unite their organization and align around critical opportunities.

Much of our work is in support of change initiatives and we’re constantly looking for new ways to measure success and ensure we’re creating the best environments to support our client’s efforts. One of the ways we’re able to see how well we’ve aligned with the research covered here is by asking some very intentional questions at the conclusion of the event. These questions quickly and effectively measure our success in real time before the participants even leave the room. It may look like a tough list to deliver on (and it is), but you’d be surprised how well the process supports high marks in response to these questions. 

On a scale from 1 to 5: 
  1. How well did we connect to a shared sense of purpose and meaning around our task?
  2. How well did we create space for the group to uncover and amplify strengths as a group?
  3. How well did we create space to allow you to contribute your unique individual strengths (perspective/experience/ideas) to our task?
  4. How well did our process enable inclusivity – opportunity for all voices to be equally heard?
  5. How effectively did we create freedom to self-organize as a group around key ideas and priorities?
  6. How well did we invite and enable both individual and shared commitments to be made?

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