Insight Solutions is excited to be hosting the DadFit LKN event on Nov. 10th!

This DadFit event is a half-day retreat, designed to bring dads of all ages together in a strength-based environment. Dads will identify their dad “superpowers” and how to leverage what they’re already doing great. We’ll create an environment where dads can learn from each other and come away with new insights related to Fitness, Nutrition and other areas of being a dad.  

DadFit LKN will be held on Saturday November 10, 2018 from 8:30am to 1:30pm at Defined Coffee, 8519 Gilead Road, Huntersville, NC.

Here’s three reasons why you (or someone you love) should join us on Nov. 10th for DadFit:


DadFit will be an opportunity for you to meet and connect with other Dads in the greater LKN community. Whether you’re new to the area and looking to build out a network or you’re a longtime resident, you’ll find value in spending time with other like-minded dads who are committed to performing at their best. At the very least, you may make a new friend, hear a good joke or find an opportunity to schedule a play date! A healthy lunch is also included… so there’s that as well! 


By attending this DadFit retreat you’ll come away with practical insights, valuable tips and actionable strategies that you can implement right away. We’ll cover the following topics (and more) at the event:

  • A simple, yet powerful strategy to help you establish a rhythm of creating valuable quality time with your children
  • Identify your Dad “Superpowers” and how you’ve used them “in action” 
  • Connect deeply with your purpose and meaning as a Dad
  • Learn some practical fitness tips for busy dads
  • Get nutritious recipe options for you and the whole family
  • Learn about a healthy restaurant option in the LKN area, while you enjoy a nutritious lunch
  • Opportunity for prizes and giveaways  


Being a dad isn’t always easy. As a dad, you have the opportunity to learn something new everyday. You also have the opportunity, and perhaps the responsibility, to teach your children on their journey to adulthood. By attending DadFit you’ll not only have the opportunity to add new resources to your own dad “toolbox”, but you’ll also be able to share your own strengths, insights and superpowers with other dads at the event. Learning from each other is a key benefit of the DadFit retreat.

Learn more about the DadFit LKN event here and feel free to share this post with any Dads who you think would be interested in attending.

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