Everyone seems to be a little bit on edge, dealing with a whole new reality over the past few weeks. We have much of the workforce confined to home offices and nearly all schools shut down until April or May. This has, in many cases, forced entire families to re-imagine how they can live, work, school and play from home all at the same time throughout the day. 

I haven’t seen any official numbers, but the usage of Zoom (the popular video conferencing software) has increased significantly in response to our sequester. Everything from client meetings, medical visits, schooling, sports (yoga, karate, etc.) and much more have transitioned to an online virtual model. 

With everyone under a little more stress than usual, we thought it would be valuable to share three questions that we use at Insight Solutions to generate a positive mindset and focus on “what’s working” instead of what’s not! 

Try using these three questions with your team, friends & neighbors and even at the dinner table with your family. We always enjoy hearing what conversations or discoveries are generated from the questions we ask, so feel free to comment below if you have something to share. 

Question # 1 – Stories of Resilience

Think of a real life story of when you faced what seemed like an insurmountable challenge or obstacle at the time… How did you ultimately rise to face the challenge? What did you learn through the process? 

Why it’s great: This question allows us to tap into our own previous experiences in overcoming significant challenges and obstacles. It also reminds us that no matter how difficult something seems at the time, we often persevere through, emerging successful and stronger from the experience. There are often lessons to be learned and this question invites those lessons to be shared with one another and perhaps applied in the present. 

Question # 2 – Identify Strengths

What are three or four of the strengths, attributes and resources available to you right now that will help you get through this tough time?

Why it’s great: It’s really easy for us to focus on all the new challenges we’re faced with, all the frustration and everything we can complain about. This question shifts the mindset from a “deficit” based approach, to a “strengths” based or abundance approach. It offers the opportunity to pause and reflect on what’s good, what we can use and what we may even be grateful for. Often times we don’t realize all the resources that may be available to us and by taking some thoughtful time to answer this question, I bet you’ll be able to generate a solid list to help in these uncertain times. 

Question # 3 – Life Giving 

Share a real life story or example of anything you’ve witnessed in the past week that gives you a sense of pride in humanity.

Why it’s great: What can we say, this question just makes you feel good. With the constant stream of “doom and gloom” on the mainstream media and social channels, let’s shine a light on where humanity is rising to the challenge, leading with love and doing what’s right. Ask this question on a regular basis and I guarantee it will help you feel better! 

If you’re struggling with leading your teams in the virtual space, or you have in-person events that were scheduled and you’re not sure what to do, contact us and we’ll schedule a complimentary consultation to review your situation and offer guidance based on what we’ve found to be successful in leading our own clients in the virtual setting, as well as rapidly moving many in-person events to online formats. 

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