What does the world need from its next generation of leaders? 

That was the question Jon Berghoff, Co-founder of Flourishing Leadership Institute, asked the audience during his most recent “Future of Leadership” Masterclass training. 

Here’s just a few of the responses from those in attendance: 

  • Open heartedness 
  • Vulnerability 
  • Integrity 
  • Authenticity 
  • The courage to truly lead 
  • Collaboration 

Let us know if you’re interested in attending our next Masterclass and we’ll get you all the details! You’ll learn the 6 principles to build healthy and successful communities, along with the Five-I process to create an environment of safety, connection and inclusion. 

All of the qualities above are great examples of what we, at Insight Solutions, believe the world is asking for and quite frankly, in desperate need of to successfully lead our businesses, teams, organizations and communities into the future

But now, a question about the present:

“What kind of climate do you and the people you live with, work with and socialize with live in?” 

My answer to that question would be: “a highly complex, rapidly evolving, technology driven environment, with a significant amount of change.”

And I’m sure you can relate to that on some level, either personal or professional… perhaps even both!

Some would say (and I’d agree) that the technology-driven world we live in is changing at such a rapid pace, that we (as humans) are having a hard time keeping up! After all, most of the processes, methods, structures and strategies that a majority of organizations use to lead and manage, were conceived well over one hundred years ago, during the industrial revolution!

So what’s next..? 

Because incremental change in today’s environment, just isn’t enough. 

The XCHANGE approach is a process and methodology to help businesses, teams, organizations and communities deliver better outcomes, faster and more naturally than ever before! 

How? Using the XCHANGE approach, our event designs ask powerfully designed questions, which spark meaningful dialogue and create deep connections. We focus on strengths and view the environment through a positive lens. We engage the whole system to answer these questions, while they simultaneously co-create and design the solutions, plans and strategies necessary for exponential outcomes. 

Interested in learning more about how to bring the XCHANGE approach into your organization, to rapidly engage stakeholders, create cohesion and develop solutions?

Contact Insight Solutions and check out our Case Studies to learn more about how we’re serving clients. 

Interested in being trained in the XCHANGE approach?
5-day, immersion style training is currently offered twice annually in April and October, in Cleveland.
Learn more and schedule an application interview

Here’s to a new method of leading into the future! 

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