Not all of our work is done in the corporate environment… we recently had the opportunity to meet some really amazing families at Earthshine Lodge during their Family Day celebration last month! 

Earthshine Lodge is located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina in Lake Toxaway, hosting guests of all types for extraordinary experiences through overnight stays, retreats, outdoor education, adventure programs and special events (i.e. weddings, family reunions, etc.). 

Earthshine is a place where you’re able to disconnect in a secluded mountain oasis with picturesque views and acres of forest to explore. Guests are encouraged to develop connections with self, others and the natural environment, which aligns perfectly with the philosophies that guide our event design at Insight Solutions

Earthshine’s Family Day celebration just so happened to be on Father’s Day, making it extra special! Some of the guests stayed in the lodge for the weekend, where the rooms include a queen bed, lofted twins and a private bath, while others from the community stopped by to participate in the day’s activities. 

We were invited to kick off the day with a fun activity to find each family’s superpowers. The space we had to work with was the upstairs loft of the lodge and set a nice cozy feeling for the activity, which included about 20 participants, both adults and children ages 3 to 15 years old! 

The activity started with a Connection to Purpose, but with a twist. Because there was such a wide range of ages present and I also wanted to honor the father’s in the room, I asked 3 different Purpose Questions simultaneously! 

The Father’s were asked to reflect on what it was about fatherhood that gave them the most purpose, meaning and fulfillment. The other adults were asked why it was important for them to spend the day in the mountains with their families. Finally, the children were asked to draw a picture of what they had enjoyed the most so far at Earthshine Lodge. 

I was thoroughly impressed with the creativity of the children’s pictures and we uncovered some very meaningful purpose surrounding the whole weekend’s activities. 

Next, families were guided through a process that allowed them to uncover the strengths and superpowers that each of their family members possessed. Stories were shared to amplify these strengths with each other and offered the opportunity to reflect on moments where these “superpowers” shined through. 

Everyone’s creativity was harnessed as we entered the final phase of the activity. Families were given a blank canvas and art supplies to map out each of the superpowers they found. These served as a visual representation of the great moments they just reflected on and provided the opportunity to share and highlight each person’s individual superpowers. Some families even came up with an overarching “family superpower”. 

At the conclusion, each family had a picture taken with their canvas to serve as a memento of the experience. At the conclusion of the activity, each family’s canvas of superpowers was hung from the lodge rafters like a banner! 

There is no shortage of fun to enjoy at Earthshine Lodge! After the Family Superpowers activity everyone had the opportunity to climb the rock wall, go for a nature hike, make an art project with dad or just relax and swing in the hammocks, enjoying the beautiful mountain views. 

Check out Earthshine Lodge for your next family getaway, special event, adventure or retreat. 

The “Superpowers Activity” is something that Insight Solutions can bring into the corporate or team environment as well, allowing team members to identify and celebrate the strengths of the colleagues they work with on a regular basis.

Sound like fun? Contact us to learn more! 

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